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Mar 25th 2004
An executable has finally been posted. To download it, please visit the SourceForge project page. Please remember that you will need to download some EDICT dictionaries and most preferably the KanjiDic from The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive.

Mar 3rd 2004
A preliminary readme file containing a lot of useful information has been released. Check it out at the SourceForge project page

Feb 9th 2004
Trayamslator source code version 2.1.21 has been released! See the SourceForge project page for download instructions.
Welcome, this is Ozayam speaking. Trayamslator is an offline English-Japanese-English dictionary and learning utility. After studying some Japanese, I started translating anime into English for fansubbing purposes. Naturally, the first tool I needed was a comprehensive, easy-to-use, quick and preferebly offline dictionary. After being thoroughly disappointed by the stability, performance and price of the products on the market, I decided to make my own. Trayamslator uses EDICT format Japanese-English dictionaries. Please visit Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server for more information about EDICT.

Trayamslator can be downloaded at the SourceForge project page

Japanese version of the webpage coming soon!

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Please submit and comments about Trayamslator to the forums on the SourceForge project page